Wednesday, November 01, 2006

32nd Ward - Alderman Ted Matlak

Potential Challenger - 1 of 5

Paul Millar,

Funds ~ Oct. 2006 (“Citizens for Innovation”): N/A – Filed on paper 10/31/06

Potential Challenger - 2 of 5

Scott Waguespack,

Committee Name: "Citizens for Waguespack"

Purpose: "To elect Scott Waguespack to position of Alderman of 32nd Ward of City of Chicago"

Committee Address: PO Box 476987, Chicago, IL 60647-6987

Committee Officers:

Scott Waguespack, Chairman, 1853 N. Hoyne, Chicago, IL 60647

Sylvestre Waguespack III, Treasurer, 1853 N. Hoyne, Chicago, IL 60647

Committee Funds Balance ~ Nov. 2006: $1,950

Potential Challenger - 3 of 5

William Abolt

Potential Challenger - 4 of 5

Roger Romanelli

Potential Challenger - 5 of 5

Catherine Zaryczny

32nd Ward – Committeeman Terry Gabinski


At 7:15 AM, Blogger kc said...

This is a crucial race with the future character and density of our neighborhoods at stake. Scott Waguespack vows to work with neighborhood groups and will not engage in spot zoning, which Matlak has used in open defiance of the people he is supposed to represent. If you want a true representative on the city council, vote for Waguespack.


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