Wednesday, November 01, 2006

5th Ward - Alderman Leslie Hairston

Potential Challenger - 1 of 1

Nigle Andrews

Comment/Question: The candidate's address, filed with the ISBE, is in the 5th ward. Is this the same Nigle "Butch" Andrews that filed for Alderman in the 7th ward 1999 election?

Committee Name: "Friends of Nigle Andrews"

Purpose: "To support the candidacy of Nigle Andrews"

Committee Address: PO Box 11005, Chicago, IL 60611-0005

Committee Officers:

Nigle Andrews, Chairman (same address as above)

Nigle Andrews, Treasurer (same address as above)

Committe's Funds Balance ~ Oct. 2006: N/A – Filed on paper 10-12-06


5th Ward – Committeeman Leslie Hairston


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